May 8, 2013
The birth of the "E" litter Oscar and Jasmine paring. Photos of the puppies on

Biharnagybajom, 4172
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postheadericon Del Vezuvia Mastino Napolitano Kennel!

"No matter how brief the moment, which is part of the lives of animals living next to us, invigorates ours, and in all respects better, make it more meaningful."
This quote is very true. So long ago I live in this wonderful animals and even now, after many years is awe can drop their loyalty. Their appearance exudes authority.

postheadericon Life of the kennel

We are participants of dog shows and competitions.
Our dogs origin from noble and proportional-built parents. Thus, it is evident that any race can be called without remorse.
The correct character development is essential along with a good genetic background of appropriate education and socialization. This giant dog should be grown in a balanced, honest, harmonious and consistent manner. Making the most of calm, consistent, natural host authority, may take out of it.

When properly educated the Mastiff is a balanced, peaceful and calm dog. Highly bound to his master and his family, loyal and obedient to them. Is sensitive to the feel of home.
Excellent guard dog. If you feel that the members of the family are treatened or in the absence of family members arrive univited "visitors" immediate stimulus to action. Can safely keep them in addition to children.

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